Conditional Thought and Talk

Semantic, Pragmatic, and Cross-linguistic Perspectives

Workshop held at the University of Connecticut October 21-22, 2022

Tentative schedule

Friday, October 21
Daniel Lassiter, Department of Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh, UK
Masaya Yoshida, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University, U.S.A. The Syntax of Conditional-Topic in Japanese
Yurie Hara, Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University, Japan
Paul Égré, Directeur de recherche au CNRS / Professeur attaché Département de Philosophie de l'ENS, France
Nicole Cruz, Department of Psychology, Universität Innsbruck, Austria
Saturday, October 22
David Over, Department of Psychology, Durham University, UK
María Biezma, Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst, U.S.A.
Omar Agha, Department of Linguistics, University of Connecticut, U.S.A.
Paolo Santorio, Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland, U.S.A.
  • UConn College of Arts and Sciences, Research in Academic Themes initiative: Conditional Thought and Talk.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant: Research on conditional and modal language. Magdalena Kaufmann (PI) and Stefan Kaufmann (Co-PI).